»The build quality and design of the Versus is in a league of its own, but given the price tag this controller is going to be a very niche product indeed — which is something that makes us love it even more.«

Mick Wilson for DJ Mag UK | Link

»I found the VERSUS extremely responsive and smooth when controlling software parameters. This can sometimes be a bit problematic when using less quality controllers as the values can get jerky and difficult to manipulate steadily and precisely at finer resolutions.«

Timo Preece for AskAudio Magazine | Link

»Es ist dem Quartett Magda, Nyma, Fuchß und Glanzmann gelungen, einen robusten und ordentlich konzipierten Controller zu bauen, der über eine hohe Funktionsdichte und ein gutes Layout verfügt.«

Dj Numinos for Bonedo – Das Musikerportal | Link

»The development in collaboration with professional DJs was a pleasure. Versus is a 100% handcrafted midi controller device with about 350 electronic parts. What a nice piece of hardware with a lot of my life blood. Created for eternity.«

Mathias Fuchß aka Faderfox

»For me, as a small company, technique freak and music lover this project and the whole development behind it is like a dream come true.«

Ivo Glanzmann aka Glanzmann DDS